Intel Core i5 3570k Heatsink will not fit!

Hey all,

I'm a rookie at upgrading CPU's but I dove into it anyway.

I installed the actual CPU unit and it fit just fine. However, the heatsink will not connect properly. The heatsink to my old CPU (intel g630) installs simply with screws and it worked perfectly fine.

The new heatsink that came with the i5 has a weird plastic/screw mechanism. You have to line up the plastic parts to the screw holes on the motherboard and then press down on the plastic parts until the actual screw is showing and it should snap right it. I've tried this in every direction and it simply will not go it....

Can anyone offer any help? Can i just use my old heatsink?
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  1. you mean the intel push pin heatsink?

    like in this

    they push into the hole then you turn them to lock them

    must make sure they all go through ok or you will end up with high temperatures
  2. Yes. Thats the exact one. However, it will not push in correctly with the holes on my motherboard. Can I use my old heatsink that came with my old processor?
  3. yeah those push pin heatsinks are a pain

    the intel g630 is socket 1155 so imagine your old heatsink should fit

    i assume it uses a backplate that the heatsink screws to
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