Flashing the Sapphire HD 6950 2GB DiRT3 Edition

So I've been doing a lot of searching and found out that Sapphire HD 6950 2GB DiRT3 Edition doesn't flash (unlock) very good.
Because I'm gonna be doing Crossfire with both flashed cards, and they say that this card is hard to flash, the get some errors, it won't flash and they even say the card doesn't have the switch on the side for BIOS.

Does anyone have any experience with this card? I'm not gonna be buying a card that's not gonna work properly.. So I really need your opinion guys :)

Thanks :)
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  1. yup, i've been told its hard or rather impossible to do with sapphire 6950.

    instead i got 6870 and o.c.ed it to surpass 6950
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