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Sapphire 100315l radeon hd 6850 1gb 256-bit gddr5 pci express 2 1 x16 hdcp ready

I need help finding a driver for my Vid card so my Acer monitor will use the whole screen rather then having a gap around the edge.
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  1. You should be able to fix that with your monitor options and not need new drivers or anything the latest drivers should allways be fine.
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    go to this site then option will appeare like this so follow the steps which i have given there.:)

    Step 1: Select the type of system that you have:

    select there desktop graphics.

    Step 2: Select the product family your product belongs to:

    select there radeon hd series.

    Step 3: Select your product:

    select there radeon hd 6xxx series pcie

    Step 4: Select the supported operating system that you have:

    which ever operating system you have choose it in the option.

    step 5: display results

    click on it.

    and after that download driver.
  3. OK DL all the drivers I needed. The screen still looks the same. Same gap and everything.
  4. Go in CCC and set overscan to 0% this may help.:)
  5. Ok I got it to fill the whole screen but it now it telling me there is no driver for the graphics card and even after uninstalling and re installing it says the same thing. Everything is all stretched to fit the screen as well.
  6. NVM it was because I hooked the VGA up. So now it says it has no driver and the auto detect on AMD's website says I have the latest version....Ive install old versions and newer versions and gone into CCC but there are none of the options that have been posted for me to go to.
  7. Holy god that was a mess. I got it figured out. Thanks for the tips everyone!
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  9. ur welcome:)
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