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My PC has restarted by itself twice in the last few days. No blue screen; just an immediate restart. A friend is telling me it could be because of a bad power supply. Could something like that cause such symptoms?

I'm scared of something getting damaged I've already replaced a motherboard that lasted only two weeks. It was bought from a chinese site and didn't come with a warranty card so it may have died because it was already defective to start with. But due to the previously mentioned problem I'm not so sure.

This is exactly how the previous motherboard stopped working. PC just went off by itself and didn't restart when I tried to turn it on.
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    It could be a bad power supply. That's always the first thing I check when when having restart problems. If it's a cheap power supply, it can cause all sorts of problems. If you post your complete specs including the model and brand of your power supply it would be easier to track down your issue.
  2. It definitely is a cheap power supply. The brand is Headway, it's rated 500W it came included with this casing (model 306BR, ATX form factor)

    I bought both of them for 26.4026 USD (converted from local currency at current exchange rates).
  3. It could also be overheating, what are your temps, you can check with core temp
  4. Nope it definitely isn't overheating. AIDA64 was reporting a core temperature of about 35 degrees when it happened. I've since changed the power supply; no issues reported so far. Let's hope it stays that way.
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