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What gpu brand?

Was upgrading to a hd 6870 wanted to know what brand works out best some of them come with more fans wanted to know everyones opinion can see them all here.
What hd 6870 would you rather have?
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  2. XFX or MSI
  3. cant seem to find any website with the sapphire dirt 3 eddition also whats the difrence between dirt 3 eddition and the normal hd 6870s besides the extra fan
  4. the dirt 3 one is factory oced and simple one isnt.

    if you are not getting it from online shop so go for an simple one with more cheaper price and a good performance for its price.
  5. wouldnt it be the same as me just ocing it myself or is there a benefit from having a factory oc'd gpu?
  6. there is an benifit in factory overclocked gpu.

    1)if you dont think to overclock then there will be the benifit.:)

    2)whenever you think to overclock your gpu you will get more performance.:)
  7. okay well i cant find it on newegg or anything where can i buy it online? and how much will it cost?
  8. it is out of stock now in newegg

    or if u cant find it so go with this one with three fans and it is oced one

    or wait for some time when it will be in stock then get it.
  9. wow it comes with a lot of gaame coupons don't see why they do that.
    But its also only up an extra 15mhz i think i could take that hit and go with a gpu that saves me 60 bucks or so.
  10. that card is in very good price in the hd 6870 range and also its overclocked one.:)

    and if ur thinking to save upto 60bucks then u will get a hd 6770 which is way less in performance then that .
  11. its 915mhz at $210 while a normal hd 6870 is $140-$160 at 900mhz im pretty sure i can oc it myself to 915
  12. ok fine if you wanna go with cheaper one then get the sapphire one which is good in price and performs over the price goodluck.
  13. i rlly see no reason at all to pay an extra 60 or so for 15mhz u can barely tell the dif of 100mhz so i doubt 15 is a big deal
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