Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio=any way to surround?

specs=Maximus V motherboard / i7-2700K CPU@3.5GHz / win7pro / 60Hz Sony Bravia hdtv-hdmi / c:60g patriot pyro ssd / a:1tb storage hdd / b:150g backup hdd / Radeon HD6570 1GB
wha whaa whaaaaaaaaa

Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio sound card.

this card has an optical output.... and I don't know why.

Because I cant find any way to get surround sound out of it.

I bought the Dolby Digital Live & DTS Connect Pack assuming that my card was on the list of X-Fi cards that it supports. Apparently not.

Question is, does anyone know any way to make this card or even the Realtek on my motherboard (which has optical in/out) to give a surround signal?
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  1. Isn't it 'dun dun daaaa or something like that....

    I think you need speakers with 3 3.5mm jacks for seperate channels.
  2. surround to an amp? 3.5mm jack to phono?
  3. my surround system is just a RCA 5.1 dvd setup that happens to have an optical input that I would like to use. There are no 3.5 inputs on it.. just the optical and some regular analog inputs.
  4. You try enabling it in the creative labs console? (the blue interface that lets you enable things like the crystalizer).

    If it doesn't show up there you might be S.O.L. The cheapest alternative would be the asus xonar ds or dsx.
  5. so go to 3.5mm on the soundblaster to rca inputs. I know when I was looking for bluray and considering a ps3 the optical out would not do 5.1 didn't have the bandwidth, hdmi was needed.

    Can't you use your hdmi output on your gpu?
  6. In the creative console go to settings->encoder
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