Older headset will not get audio from 3.0 port

i just built my first computer and everything seems to be working fine except for some audio problems. i have an antec 900 case with 3.0 connections on the front. my mobo is an asrock extreme4 z77 and i have the front usb 3.0 plug in the right spot on the mobo. when i plug in the headset the driver for the headset was auto detected and installed and the audo manager sees the headset but when i switch it to the headphones and close the manager it just switches back to the regular speakers and i cant hear anything from by headset.

is the hd audio connection causing problems? should i redo the realtek drivers from the asrock site?

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  1. usb headset have their own built in soundcard and do not use the onboard at all.
    Check for updated drivers from your headset manufacturer.

    also check with asus for updated usb3 drivers. I have a simulare problem with my android phone. the usb3 port wont even see it but it works just fine on all the usb2;s and the usb3 works perfect with myu usb3 external drive and my usb2 mouse. Go figure.
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