Corsair 400w PSU and 9800GT

Hello, I had a question about a video card I just purchased. I found this 9800GT ( for a very good deal today so I went ahead and picked it up to upgrade from my 4670. The power supply I'm using is a 400w corsair psu ( The 9800GT says it requires a 450w PSU although I was wondering if the PSU I have might be able to handle it?
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  1. It can handle it perfectly well. Manufacturers exaggerate a bit on the power requirements of GPU's. Any half decent 400w PSU would handle a 9800GT no problem and since yours is a Corsair then no need to worry
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    You do not need to upgrade your PSU to use that card unless it doesn't have the right connectors (and you can't find adapters). When I say that I mean you need two 6 pin and you only have one or something. IIRC you should have no issues.
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