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I was wondering if there were any benchmarks that give me a relative comparison of the rendering capabilities (i.e. Tom's Blender Benchmark) apples to apples of an actual rendering cards vs a gaming card (ex. quadro or firepro VS 580 or 6970)

The reason I ask is that I like gaming, but I also do a lot of rendering and computational programming work. I would like to compare the performance of these cards. I pokes around here and on 3dguru but couldn't find and comparisons against each other.. The benchmarks always seem to be firepro vs quadro and 580 vs 6970 type stuff.
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  1. I've found this post about nvidia vs quadro benchmarks, there you can see games benchmarks and also 3D Rendering benchmarks;

    basically, quadro are great for rendering, and can be used to play game when needed but normally they will be worst for gaming than gaming graphics card just like with a gaming graphics card a 3D Rendering of 5min will take 30 secs on a quadro (rendering) graphics card... but this is very relative.

    If you work with rendering and/or use a lot of it, you must take a rendering graphics card otherwise if you give preference for gaming most of time you can go for a high end gaming graphics that will let you render videos but will have a much worst performance than a rendering card.
  2. NVM! I found it right after I posted this. :)

    Processor - 2600k
    Motherboard - Asus Maximus IV Extreme (LGA 1155) Intel P67 Express, BIOS 0901
    Memory - Crucial 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR3-1333, MT16JTF1G64AZ-1G4D1 @ DDR3-1600 and -1333 at 1.65 V
    Graphics - Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 1.5 GB

    Processors - Intel Core i7-980X (Gulftown) 3.33 GHz, LGA 1366, 6.4 GT/s QPI, 12 MB Shared L3, Hyper-Threading enabled, Power-savings enabled
    Motherboard - Gigabyte X58A-UD5 (LGA 1366) Intel X58/ICH10R, BIOS FB
    Memory - Kingston 6 GB (3 x 2 GB) DDR3-2000, KHX2000C8D3T1K3/6GX @ 8-8-8-24 and 1.65 V
    AMD FirePro V9800
    Nvidia Quadro 5000

    GeForce 580 - 0:50
    FirePro 9800 - 0:49.9
    Quardo 5000 - 0:50.3

    And yes I understand that the processors make a little bit of difference, but this is close enough for what I needed. Cost wasn't a real issue, but I didn't want to spend an extra $1k for only a 10% increase in performance on a rendering card. Though, I would have been willing to pay for a significant increase. I guess its not worth it to me for saving what make ultimately only be a few seconds per session.
  3. Howdy. One more thing to keep in mind is that if you intend to create 3D content for production and have a high end display like an IPS, then a Quadro performs better in this respect. It's not that GTX cards are not capable of producing 10+ bit (per channel) color but it's just a limitation of the drivers. This is the main difference between the gaming and pro nvidia cards afaik.

    If having a wide colour gamut is not important to your 3D work then a GTX would be fine.
  4. Thanks trist. More colors would be nice. but its not worth it to me for an extra 1k for a quadro 5000, or $3k for a quadro 6000. I was trying to find out mostly if rendering performance was 2 or 3 fold better than a gaming card. If so, it would have been worth it, but it doesn't appear to be the case. Most huge rendering computations I do overnight while i sleep, and I'm currently using a gts250 card. So upgrading to a 580, or maybe 680 in a few months will be the way to go.

    Most of my work is freelance blender work, and also some 3d rendering for OpenGL game modelling.
  5. No worries. Good luck with your upgrade!

    BTW: I use a GTX 580 3GB in Max 2012 and it performs quite well in the viewport. I don't use GPU rendering but have tested IRay and the speed is very impressive compared to rendering with the CPU alone.

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