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Hi all ive just recently bought 2 GTX 560Ti (448) im new to sli and have been having a scout about and i keep coming across these sli profile i was wondering could anybody tell me if i need to download anything or what im meant to be doing to get these sorry for been so thick lol but i have no idea help in this matter would be great ty :D
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  1. Just go to you Nvidia Control panel and click manage 3d settings , there will be a tab called programs settings next to the global settings where you can select the SLI profiles for games, just select the game profile you wish from the frop down menu.
    Dont forget to activate SLI in SLI configure in the nvidia control panel also.
  2. First off, lets make sure you have SLI installed properly.
    Things you need:
    1 SLI link cable
    2 Geforce Video Cards
    1 SLI Capable Motherboard.
    1 SLI Capable Power Supply. a 800 or maybe a 750 will handle what your gonna do, look at my set up.

    Turn off computer. Unplug from wall outlet. Make sure there is not power, not even to the mothboard, make sure the green Mobo light is off. Now take the side panel off. move all cables away from the PCI express slots if necessary (Only if you have a cable clutter in your case) Install your dual fan card in the first PCI Express slot, because otherwise temps can tend to get a little hot. your lower card most of the time will be the coolest.

    Now once you have plugged your first card in, find your SLI cable and have it ready. now plug in the 2nd identical ( Different brand same exact Chip and Same exact ram amount) I prefer to use the same brand cards but when its not an option.

    Unbox your 2nd video card and put plug it into the next PCI Express slot (Try using a X16 or a X8, an X4 is not recommended)

    Now, take your SLI link cable and plug it into the SLI Pins on the side of the video card facing you. Make sure the link is snapped in properly, if you have both video cards in and get into windows, later and you don't have a SLI option in the NVIDIA control panel, then the cable isnt plugged in properly.

    Now your ready to plug these cards into power, Take the PCI Express 6 Pin power connectors and plug them into your cards. Again make sure your Power Supply has enough power and the needed Power Dongles to use those cards.

    Now that everything is plugged up and plugged in. return to steps 1 and 2. Plugg the computer back into your wall socket, and make sure your power supply is flipped off when you do step 3. Even tho your motherboard is powerered off. Capacitors in the Mobo and Power Supply still hold energy, tho it may not be enough to kill you. well you just don't wanna find out.

    Flip the power switch to the power supply to make sure everything is recieving power again. wait a second or to for power to surge through. now your ready to Switch the case on. Now make sure your video card is plugged into your monitor.

    Once in windows. Go to

    To get the latest drivers for SLI and everything else.

    Now once the driver has been installed. you may need to restart your computer, if not go to NVIDIA control panel. go to set SLI and Physx configuration. Then click Maximize 3d performance. and you are now SLI'd.

    I hope this guide has helped, if you need any more assistance or information. Just send me a Private message or just ask on here
  3. Hi thanks for the quick reply all cards are installed properly thats all good thanks for the guide rockdpm.The thing im wanting to find out is how to get these sli profiles to work its that im unsure about i have had a look at what you said monsta i have BF3 in there but i would like SWTOR and MW3 in there too im unsure how to do this and how do i make sure these profiles are working and such for example im looking at program settings now ive clicked the drop down box i see BF3 now im lost lol ?? Also heres my rig if u need to know anything
    Asus sabertooth 990fx motherboard
    Phenom 1100T black edition x6 @ 3.30ghz
    2 x GTX 560ti (448)
    2 x 64gb ssd
    1x tb harddrive
    1000w cooler master silent
    Fractal design R3 case in Artic White
    64 bit windows ultimate
    16gb Corsair xms ram 1600mhz
  4. You have basically the same friggin setup i have lol, and you don't have to have SLI profiles configured in any program, because the driver adds them. So the end user doesn't have to do what you think you have to do. I mean yea you can go in and change the visuals of the game in NVIDIA control panel. Once it says your SLI'd, your game with detect hardware changes and set your optimized settings to what your system can handle. and it will set it to what it thinks you can run it at. so when you see SLI profiles. thats all in the driver. It enables SLI for that game without having to do anything further for it
  5. It seems i do lol ;D so basically i have to do nothing then? its all done for me ? as long as i have set 'maximise 3D performance' the game will automatically pick it up and set the settings to which it thinks are right am i right in thinking that ?
  6. Exactly. The only reason i see you needing to go to control panel, is to tweak visual settings, you know to make the game look better graphical. but your all set. When i did SLI with my cards. All i had to do was go in turn on SLI and i was done. all games i play i know are using SLI now because in EVGA precision i compared with SLI on and off and i noticed a different in usage and temps on and off
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