Is there a big differnce between 3d with lightboost and 3d without it

Im in the middle of looking for a 120hz monitor for the 120hz and 3d vision. is there a big difference between the 3d vision 2 with lightboost vs regular 3d vision without lightboost? also the price of a lightboost monitor i can get a regular 3d vision monitor with glasses
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  1. I can't tell you from personal experience but from all written and video sources, the answer is yes. Traditionally on the 3D Vision 1 setup, the image in games and movies is darkened and this is mostly resolved in the new gen models.

    3D Vision 1 is simply outdated technology. Save and get an ASUS or ACER, they are meant to be good from what I have heard.
  2. Ok thank you for the answer.. any one else have opinions?
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