Is better than AMD A8-3850 for gaming?

can you pleez help me,im trying to make a custom conputer,and i need to know if the AMD A8-3850 is a better gaming processor than FX a newbie,so pleez help me

:~D (im also in the price range of $200 for a processor)
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  1. the A8 would be the best on it's own, but option 3: the I3 2130 would be the best with a discrete graphics card
  2. Yeah, unless you're a huge AMD, it's pretty obvious that Intel owns the market for performance oriented CPU's. The i3 2130 is a good starting choice, and paired with a Radeon 6870 or GTX 560 it would demolish the A8 and FX4100.
  3. Agreed with the above.

    Considering the price of the FX-4100 and the price of the i3-2120, I don't think you would give too much in terms of your GPU budget either.
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