I think my cpu is running hotter than it should :(

I'm running a phenom2 x4 BE, stock fan stock thermal paste. (just recently installed [day 2 of being on]).

Read the temp through Core Temp program, and it stated its running an avg. 37c idle... I just ordered some aftermarket thermal paste to see if that would help.

Fans are working full time. wondeing if I'm doing something wrong.

any advice? Thanks in advance. :??:
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  1. 37C as your idle temp is perfectly normal with stock cooling, especially if you have a high ambient temp. Could you post temps under load. That's a lot more telling.
  2. Your cpu temp is perfectly fine my friend,normal temp for phenom II is 35-40c idle,there is no reason to worry at all,cheers !!!
  3. will do, still doing updates and downloads so itll be a few. (i will try to give an update tomorrow.
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    Your Processor is very very normal. In fact, it is right where it should be with a stock cooler.
  5. ok, i got into world of warcraft, to try out my new machine.. everything thing felt great, i put some cpu load on it by joining a large pack of active players, it ran at ~47c.
  6. You're just fine. No worries at all.
  7. ty for the relief
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