The display goes dark with the graphics card

my pc configurations are i5-2500k, intel z68 mobo,
600 wt psu cooler master,
4 GB DDR3 ram corsair,
500 gb hard disk
amd RADEON HD 6950 graphics card

recently i have bought i5 along with z68 intel mobo and for that reason i had to format the system. now everything works fine except the graphics card.
as soon as its placed in the pci-e slot and power plugs are inserted and the power is turned on, the display goes off, i mean, completely dark, but the whole system keeps on running.

i have used driver sweeper to see if there's any bit of ati drivers that are left but i cant find any. please help.
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  1. By any means is your cooler master psu this one?

    those Cooler master eXtreme series are very bad, and this psu in specific is labelled 600w but actually cannot handle more than 450w so would be not recommended for a 6950 graphics card, if you can test it with another psu (more powerfull) would be a good thing to do.
  2. no its not Cooler Master extreme.
    it only says Cooler Master 600.
  3. Well i think there are only 3 models, Extreme, Silent Pro Modular/Silent Pro non-modular so if your psu is silent pro should be ok, unless you've had a problem with it. (If you see a tension switch 110v-220v probably it is the extreme version)

    You can try changing the pci-e slot for testing, that will help you to know if maybe your pci slot is broken or something, if you are sure your psu is ok and the gpu is not working in any slot, maybe there is a problem with the gpu, if you can, try it in another computer and see, if the problem persists probably it is with a big problem and may require replacement.
  4. ok i will do that.
    next i saw that my intel mobo comes with some hd graphics core.
    now if my graphics card is tested to be ok, then do i need to uninstall that same graphics core in order to install my graphics card drivers ?
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