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6970 random start and stop freezing

Hi folks, got a problem here. I have been using my 6970 for quite a while now but recently for a strange reason I will be playing a game, and it will freeze for around 10 seconds, flicker with a random colored fuzz-looking screen for a half a sec, then it will go black for around 3-5 secs, then it will go back to the game like it didnt have a problem.. and then i can play for a while longer, then it will happen again. Thank guys.

windows 7 64bit
i7 860 at 3.06
asus p7p55d pro board
antec 750w psu
powercolor 6970 call of duty edition
4x2gb 1333 ram
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    Could be a few things,

    Clocks in overdrive are too high
    Faulty card
    (Anything I'm missing? This doesn't sound like a power issue)

    A few things you could try to identify the issue:

    Update everything.
    Check your temps, if high clean fans, used compressed air to clean the card.
    Lower your clocks slightly in CCC and see if the issue persists.
    Try the card in another computer if all else fails.

    You can use GPU-z to check temps/ GPU load / clock speeds, to see if the issue occurs at low GPU load as well as high. Good luck.
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