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PC operating table - no post power or cpu?

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April 29, 2012 8:50:50 PM

Greetings, I have an issue with a pc I am building and was wondering if anyone had any troubleshoot I can run before I take this pc to a shop.

I've successfully built several computers which have booted fine; but this particular one is giving me a problem. The issue goes back to me installing new memory and a new graphics card. My knee hit my power switch which had just became finicky two days before. The board burnt as the graphics card was not yet in the slot but was touching the board. (Visual burns around one of the chip areas and smell of burning silicon)

I could kick myself; it takes about 3 minutes to swap in memory and a graphics and I was stupid enough to break the rule and not unplug the power.

This brings us to the problem; I bought a new am3+ gigabyte board from new egg which when put together turned on fans etc. but nothing else, no post beeps no bios, nothing but the fans turned on.

I RMA'd the board and got a new one. Same issue although I can hear the hardrives etc. working - but no post beeps, no graphic display.

1) I have tested 2 different video cards which work (i.e. work fine in other systems) in the pcie slots (multiple slots tested).
2) I've tried 1 stick of ram, 1 pair of ram in the furthest slot away from cpu array and the closest slot arrays. I've also done this with 2 different brands of ram which are confirmed to work. When no sticks of ram are inserted I don't get post beeps - Where which I should.
3) I've unscrewed all 9 screws and took the motherboard out and re-assembled several times (Everything is secure, no standoff is out of place there is 0 chance of a short occurring)
4) I've tested multiple monitors on each graphics card (for kicks) I have no used the graphics card which I burnt out the original motherboard with (Because there is a 99% chance its fried as well although no signs of this)
5) The cpu does run hot indicating it is getting power (yes there's heatsink), the power supply is 720 watts which is much more than the total components in this rig require (By about 200 watts). The cpu in question is a phenom 2x black Callisto am3 which is on the manufacturers list for the board
6) All cables and connections are properly installed
7) There is no issue of static electricity as only wood metal and concrete exists in the environment I've built in, no carpet, no cloth etc.

My problem appears to be one of the components from the first build was also affected by the problematic start. The only two parts I cannot test because I do not have the resources are

A) The Power Supply
B) The cpu

Before I take this computer to a shop; is there anything else I can do?

Note: It is very unlikely it is the motherboard as I've been through 2 completely new ones testing this (The original build where the problem occurred is a separate board)

Note: Once again the fans, hard drives and cpu are getting power, I suspect either the power supply has gone bad (I.E. it has enough power to run fans/hds etc. but is partially damaged and not appropriate for a boot) OR The cpu was damaged in the original build.

What I do not want to do - Find the voltage meter thing with the red and black testing pokers to see if power is running from each line on the power supply.

Before I take this rig to a shop that can switch in an alternate power supply and alternate am3 cpu; is there anything left to test?

Note: All my components are of compatible brands and builds based on manufacturers lists, I've determined the specifics to have no relevance to my issue of not getting beeps.

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April 29, 2012 9:22:19 PM

I understand you have given your psu wattage and such but we need more info. Please list ALL specs.