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CM Hyper 212 evo~FANS

Hi folks! I am a new builder looking to keep CPU temps under control. I purchased the CM hyper 212 evo and use Tuniq 4 thermal compound I was wondering if I should use the stock CM fan that came with the heat sink or scrub it and add a better fan/ or fans to it. I am guessing on any note I want the airflow in the direction of the rear of the case. Oh! yeah my case is a Rosewill challenger if that helps. Also noted I will be in a nice cool place 68F all year round for the resting room for this computer.

Keep in mind this is my first build and yes eventually I would upgrade to water cooling but I wasnt planning on getting out of control on the overclocking and just want to be sure I am cooling in the right fashion before moving forward.4
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  1. The stock fans will be fine. They're PWM, meaning their speed and hence airflow will vary with temperature. You may get a performance increase by switching to more expensive fans, but I would doubt the cooling increase would justify the expenditure.
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    I used 2 of these in a push\pull setup with my evo ^
  3. The EVO comes with 1 fan but you get 2 brackets to setup a push\ pull.
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  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    I used 2 of these in a push\pull setup with my evo ^

    Will do! The blue led's will match the black and blue theme in my case!
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