How can I recover use of PCIe slots covered by video wide cards?

I want to use (4)ATI 7970 graphics cards in Quad CrossfireX on an MSI X79 Big Bang X-Power II mobo. Technically, the mobo has enough PCIe x16 slots to accomodate the 4 cards. However, the botton card overhanges the mobo's OC buttons, the Reset button, the PCIe on/off switches, and several headers. It also leaves me short (2)PCIe x1 slots for my Auzentech sound card and my TV card.

My question is, is it possible to use a PCIe x16 flexible riser, such as an Ameri-Rack Technology #ARC1-PELY423-C7 (w/7cm ribbon) and take the TV external?

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  1. Hmm odd situation. 4x 7970s???? wow. Pretty amazing.

    Not sure if that riser would work...but that appears to be the only way to fit your extra devices in your motherboard. Although I would be scared of blowing up your 7970's if the riser card doesn't work properly.

    Also be wary of this:

    Use for motherboard with chipset that supports bifurcation.

    Not even sure if your motherboard supports it.
  2. The easiest solution is to use a USB TV tuner and USB or on-board sound. If you insist on using PCIe for either one, your best solution is to drop a video card. The riser card is likely to play havoc in a system with as much bus activity as a quad-Crossfire system will have not to mention the challenge of mounting it so that you can plug the required cables into the cards.
  3. Maybe use 3 cards, save yourself some money and put up with the negligible performance loss?
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