Dell E771P new cable needed

Damaged cable, need schematics.
I have a Dell E771P monitor with no connector on it. I want to solder a new connector on it, or replace the whole cable

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  1. You would need the schematics for the unit in order to tell where to solder the wires. Without the schematic it would be very difficult. Your local TV repair shop may be able to help, however I doubt the unit is worth the cost to fix it.

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    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

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  2. dont worry it can be done by trial and error.There is no high voltages coming from the video signal.Just dont try and connect them when its on or plugged in.You will have to take the video board of the back of the tube.I highly recommend you discharge the picture tube before you do this and discharge the filter cap on the power supply.This will make the unit safe.
    I can give you some of the pin positions you will have to work the rest out yourself by the above but this may get you started.
    The end of the vga cable that goes into the monitor ,connects into the video board with a slim plastic connector in it..pull this out.Working from the 1,gnd,pin 2 to pin6 unknown but probably green and gnd id1 pin7 is blue 9 is red 12 is red gnd.
    red blue and green is big ones get them connected with all their gnds and you may start to see somthing on screen .Mix and match the rest to complete the picture.stand back and switch on.Unfortunatly you will have to redo the saftey stuff after every attempt at getting them matched up.
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