Uprading to 7950

im gonna upgrade from a 6850 to 7950

only concern i have is the 7950 will bottleneck with my cpu core i5 750

i have turbo on so it runs about 3ghz-3.1ghz max

got 8gig ddr3 ram and my motherboard is a p55-ud3

here is link to my MB http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3164#

not shure what rev i have

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  1. cant overclock sorry not a option my cpu cooler is not good enough
  2. need to no if it will bottleneck with it as is OC is not a option
  3. I don't think your cpu will bottleneck 7950.
  4. well i guess i could go to a 6950 or 6970 but i dont no if its worth going to either of them form a 6870 guess i could get a 7770 but i like the 7950

    my mistake btw i have a 6870 atm not a 6850
  5. do you really need to upgrade, 6870 is a nice card and is only about 13% slower than 6950.

    no, your cpu will not bottleneck single hd 7950, have you seen the recent sub 200$ gaming cpu's review, the i3 2100 doesn't even bottleneck the 7970 and your cpu is much faster than that.

    i would say, just do not go for it, wait a bit, let the drivers stabilize and newer Kepler comes and prices too stabilize. atm, they are real overpriced
  6. your cpu is good but while you are at it get a custom cpu cooler and overclock
  7. why not buy a $30 cooler and OC? Either way the 7950 will be fine.
  8. @ methixOr: What's your monitor resolution? It's unlikely you'll see much improvement over a HD 6870 if you're playing at 1280x1024. Also, what games are you playing? If you're a big fan of RTS games then it's very unlikely a faster graphics card will be a very cost effective upgrade.
    I doubt you'll get any 'bottleneck' issues the i5750 is a pretty quick CPU and you can always crank up the eye candy to slow down the 7950;).
    BTW aftermarket coolers are cool! I suggest you look into the subject, even a cheap Hyper 212 Plus, like mine can easily cope with an i5 750 at 3.4 GHz without drama.
  9. methix0r said:
    cant overclock sorry not a option my cpu cooler is not good enough

    Running my old Q9550 to 55c idle 90 max load for 2 years now no issues so even with an stock heatsink u can oc to 80c safely lolll

    Upping from a 5750 passive in crossfire with a 6770 passive to the Gigabyte 7950 oc =D
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