Alienware Area 51 issues with video card

My name is Brian and I'm having a bit of an issue. My Area 51 desktop, without adding any hardware or software changes, would lock up at random with the screen showing strange markings. I did some research on my laptop and determined it was a video card issue (was told by friend as well that the symbols were artifacts). So about a month of saving I bought the EVGA NVIDIA 580 Graphics card to replace it. After installing and using the 2 six pin to a single 8 pin adapter that comes with it the computer doesnt start. All the fans run, the monitors stopped showing no connection, but it remained a black screen. I followed the directions step by step. Could it be something else?
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  1. so i guess you dont have the 8pin pcie connector?
    you can purchase the 6pin to 8 pin adapters online
    your two molex are probably not giving you enough amps to power on the card
    what power supply are you using?
    your issue is power related, dont skimp out on the power supply.
  2. What graphics card(s) were in use in the system before you replaced it with the GeForce GTX 580?

    Did you run a driver cleaner before powering down and replacing the card?

    What is the brand and model of the power supply unit?
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