850w PSU supply NVIDIA GTX 680 HYDRO

Hello, will my 850w XFX 80+ silver support two GTX 680 hydro's in SLI with water cooling ?
Or will I need more like a 1000w ?
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  1. Dang it Geek, I was just going to ask you what the next powerball numbers would be... When will your crystal ball start working agian?
  2. Two should use around 450w from the leaked specs (non overclocked cards). I find this hard to believe though, but we'll see.
  3. GTX 680 is rumored to be like 50% faster than 7970 why do you need SLI is beyond me. Unless you have 3x30 or 5k monitor set up
  4. is GTX680 already exist..?

    forget about rumor..
    according to the GTX580 SLI requirement, it need 720 watt for the whole standart system (non oc)..

    if you use water cooling, probably you overclock it.

    then 850 watt is not enough to serve all of your component..

    well, FPS power always increase beetwen graphics card series, but power requirement and consumption never decrease..

    Go with 1kw PSU then..
  5. wow, do we even know if there is gonna be hydro series 680's. Wow, i wish i had an paranormal ability to see into the future. Shoot if i could have the powers of Dr. manhattan lets just say, i would know what the coming NVIDIA technology would compare to AMD's stuff.
  6. Lol, there isn't a GTX 680 hydro out yet, but You never know. I just wanted to know some quick opinions on whether it would be about enough, at an educated guess
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