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since the release of the gtx 690 i decided i would change my build from a haf x to something more unique and cool. so i started with a mATX case and basically took all the best parts there are for a micro ATX super gaming build. im still waiting on the GTX 690 to release so i can buy everything. GPU+CPU custom watercooling for maximum OCing with low temps. this build came to $2884 but i am also buying a logitech z623 speaker system which is $130. anyways leave your comments and opinions below. i personally think this will be really cool and unique.

Case: NZXT Vulcan mATX Gaming Case :sol:
^will mod the left panel and put in a clear window so you can see the inside. suggestions appreciated.
CPU: i7-3770k ivy bridge
MoBo: ASUS Maximus V Gene 1155/Z77 Micro ATX
RAM: G.Skill Trident X series 8GB DDR3 2400
SSD: SanDisk Extreme 120GB
HDD: 1TB Seagate Barracuda
Plextor USB External BD-Rom
^i know you're asking why he wants an external BD-Rom. this is because of my dual 5.25" bay reservoir.
OS: Doors 7 Professional SP1 x64 :lol:

Now for watercooling >:D (the cool part)
nobody wants to read a list of water cooling parts so basically i'll have a FrozenQ Liquid Fusion Dual Bay Reservior with a Green Helix + 4" Cold Cathode
this will look very cool on my mATX case. :sol:
then i will have a single 120mm rad mounted on bottom-front of the case with two green led fans featuring a push/pull configuration
then a uv reactant green 90mm on the back. green uv tubing from masterkleer with ultra pure water and uv green mayhem dye. and to top it off 2 UV cold cathode spectral bars.
opinions and suggestions are welcome :hello:
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