9600GT, BCCode:16(graphics card error) but has no artifact


i have a old 9600GT in my rig. cooled by thermaltake duo orb.
idle 31'c and full load with furmark 40'c..while in gaming around 35-37'c

2 days ago everything just running flawlesly, playing game, doing my daily activity in my lovely machine..

but yesterday, it won't enter windows..
after the win 7 logo, it cannot enter the welcome screen and always got BSOD with bccode:16.

according to the explanation that i've got, bccode:16 happens because of graphics card error, maybe driver error or hardware error..

okay, so i downloaded driver cleaner, unisntall graphics card, and clean the driver with driver cleaner..


it entered the windows flawlesly like nothing happen..

so i tried to running furmark, almost one hour, and there's no artifact..full load at 40'c

i tried to reboot it, and it still can enter windows flawlesly...

then i turn it off, and i go to sleep......


in the morning, when i tried to turn on my machine, i've got bsod again with bccode:16...
i've tried several time to boot and it still got same error code.

i donot know why,but if i entered safe mode and clean then reinstall the driver again, it works flawlesly..

but it's really hard to imagine that i have to reclean and reinstall driver whenever i want to use my computer..

so..what's going on to my old graphics card..?
any way to fix it..?

i use acbell 550w for my power supply, and it works perfect, with 12.05v (with digital multimeter) on the 12v rail.
biostar ta790gx a3+, and b45 overclocked to 3.7Ghz.

thankyou very much...

ps: sorry for my poor english..
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    Power supply or graphics card at this point. Get it booted and never shut it off if you don't feel like buying parts to troubleshoot with.
  2. Try reloading Windows if you think it's strictly a software issue.
  3. i think there's no problem with my power supply..because i've already make some measurement with digital multimeter and it show between 12.00 to 12.10v in load condition..
    about my graphics card, why it doesn't show any problem when i stress it with furmark..? no artifact, no blank screen and no bsod..

    never shut it off..?
    well, it will raise my electricity bill...:D
    i don't think that is solve my problem..
  4. Problem solved.

    This is actualy hardware error..

    so i make a decision to do something little bit extreme to my old graphics card.


    i wash it..wih soap, then i brush it to make it clean from the dust and dirt..

    threre after i clean the soap and put it on my roof, in order to make it dry...

    after almost six hours, i was bake my gpu, put it in the oven for 5 minutes..



    it works..:D
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