CPU Temps seem a little high?

I've got an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition using the stock fan/heatsink (Yeah I know I should upgrade it...I got lazy though).
I've got about four small 80mm case fans, two on the side and two on the back and I'm idling in the low 50's maybe high 40's on a good day.
Right now my temps, according to CoreTemp, are averaging out at 54 degrees Celsius with nothing but a single tab on google Chrome, Rainmeter, and CoreTemp. It was actually a little higher before I air dusted the inside of my computer. I'll get, at the very most, to the mid 60's when running a game (most recently Dragon Age 2).

Is it me or is that a bit high? I haven't really had any problems with my computer lately, I just recently noticed this randomly when I decided to check CoreTemp. I'm fairllyyy certain my temps were a lot lower when I first put this computer together maybe a little under a year ago?
So yeah, should I be worried in regards to the long term? I am planning on replacing the stock fan/heatsink but it's such a hassle :na: Not looking forward to taking my motherboard out and stuff.
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  1. ambient temp?
  2. crisan_tiberiu said:
    ambient temp?

    It has been warm where I live lately, over 100 most of the day but my AC's usually running. I'd say my bedroom's temperature never goes over 75-80 degrees. More likely in the low to mid 70's though.
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    damn u confused me :P you posted the CPU temps in celsius and the room temp in Farenheit :P. Anyway, considering that you have the AC on then the temps look a bit high to me, the only thing you can do its to remount your cooler with new thermal paste and check in BIOS for the Fan profile (maybe you can rev it higher a bit, you didnt mention the fan speed aswell :P)
  4. Ah yeah sorry >.< I'm so used to seeing the CPU temps in Celsius and everything else in Fahrenheit.
    I was thinking about that as a cheap quick fix, buying some decent thermal paste and whatnot. Thanks for the help, will probably try this out soon.
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