My computer shouldn't lag?! (Tera)


MB: Asus M5A97 EVO
CPU: AMD PHENOM II (BLACK EDITION) 965 [Quadcore - 3.7GHZ - overclock at 4.5GHZ)
PSU: RAIDMAX 630W RX-63055


My computer is only a couple months old and I have designed it to play games comfortably on the highest setting with ease and have no problems whatsoever.
Ironically, this didn't actually work out for me. Unfortunately i have stumbled upon a very problematic situation where I cannot play the new MMO game Tera due to the FPS lag i get in game. Usually i get a message saying that it is not responding.

I have tried changing my affinity settings through task manager and reducing it to only two cores and tried multiple combinations.
I have tried tweaking Tera by changing a few settings through the Nvidia Control Panel (
I have tried changing my FOV and increasing it.
I have tried asking the customer support and they have no idea what it could be. Helpful... I know

My question is, what should I do? I know It cannot be my graphics card as it is a complete overkill and I am suspecting it is my CPU.
I meet the system requirements and never seen other games run so smoothly on my computer before(i.e. battlefield 3 on ultra with no issues whatsoever).

Any assistance whatsoever is most appreciated.
Kind regards,

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  1. Just be glad you don't have an AMD card. They are even worse for Tera it seems. In the end though it looks like this is more of an issue with Tera than with our hardware, many people are having issues. I keep getting FPS drops and screen tears when riding my mount and then the occasional crash. I did lower down my CPU and GPU overclocks and that seemed to help a bit, maybe try that? Other then that just pray for a patch to be released to fix the high end GPU issues. Although I would bet that NVIDIA or AMD releases a driver update that will help before En Masse comes out with a patch.
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