Requesting Final Review before Purachse on First Build

Hello everybody!

I'm a week from buying the components for my first computer build.
I'd like you guys' opinion on the build, in case I missed something, or there's any revisions that should be considered.

You might also want to know that the computer will be standing on the carpet floor, below my desk. That puts it about 2 feet from my head.

The Goal
First, I want to tell you the 'goal' with the PC though.

Since it's my first build, I want it to be easy to build. This is in part why I chose the power supply, as well as the case, that I did.
I also want it to be able to play some games, without having to turn everything at minimum settings - and that for a few years to come.
Furthermore, I really want it to be quiet. I'm planning to do make some videos wherein audio quality could be an issue - so I don't want my microphone picking up sound from a computer which is noisier than my vacuum cleaner.

To summarize:

Easy to Build
Gaming Oriented
Long Termed

The Components


Intel Core i7-2600K

Graphics Card
EVGA GeForce GTX 680 2GB

Power Supply

CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600

Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARX 2TB

OCZ Vertex 3 120GB

CPU Cooler
Noctua NH-D14

CORSAIR Obsidian 550D

(3x) Fractal Design Silent Series 120mm
(4x) Fractal Design Silent Series 140mm

Reasons and Reasonings

Why I'm going for an i7
I'll be doing some video editing (Let's Plays, and such), and I'd like the videos to be rendered fast. Therefor, I'm going with the i7, for it's Hyper Threading (over the i5).

Why I'm buying 2600K instead of 2700K
I really see no point in investing $20 for the mere sake of 100Mhz. If I really wanted those 100Mhz, I could clock it myself.

Why I'm not going for an Ivy Bridge Processor
I'm not going to be utilizing the features in Ivy Bridge, and therefor don't see the point in sacrificing $100 on a newer generation. The only thing of minor interest to me, is the PCI 3.0 and the integrated USB 3.0 Supported (lots of 3's here).

Why I'm going for so many fans
As I mentioned earlier, I'd like the thing to be quiet. So my logic is, if I use a lot of quiet fans to cool down the case, the GPU won't have to stress itself and it's noisy speaker, to achieve a cool temperature.

EVGA Graphics Card
From what I've heard, the products they make generally don't fail - and when they do, the support is excellent.

Finishing Notes
Please leave your thoughts below, on what you think, and if there's any changes you'd recommend. I've considered a lot of things with this build, but there may be a few things that just slipped my mind.

I've chosen not to include the Optical Drive, the SD Card Reader as well as an Antec Easy SATA in the components list, as those are not really 'important' parts of the computer, in my opinion.

Also, as I live in Denmark, some prices may be different - in case it's important to anyone, I'll be buying everything from "Proshop ApS".
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  1. Since you are grabbing a GTX 680 (EVGA is awesome and nvidia >> AMD IMO ;)) it might be beneficial to grab an IB CPU to take advantage of PCIe 3.0 .... Honestly the difference might not even come into play with your 680 but if PCIe 3.0 was going to come into play with any single GPU it would be the GTX 680... Also if you plan to SLI in the future PCIe 3.0 support could be nice.

    I would also reccomend the z77 mobo over the z68 mobo especially if you go IB though I would choose it even if I didn't go IB.
  2. I actually am planning to go SLI in the future, which is the reason I went for a 750W PSU, instead of a 550W (I considered an 850W, but assumed it to be overkill).

    Also, can you give me a reason to go with the Z77 motherboard (I'd buy the P8Z77-V from ASUS), over the Z68? Obviously it leaves me able to upgrade into Ivy Bridge at a later time, but besides that, I don't really see any obvious reasons to go for a Z77. Except for it having integrated wi-fi (which I wouldn't use anyway).
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