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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 (yeah I know, a dinosaur) with a Radeon 9250 graphics card which has vga and dvi-i outputs. I recently purchased a Toshiba 32" lcd tv. It has vga and hdmi inputs. I can connect to the tv with a the vga output, however the screen is cropped (pillarboxed). I tried to get a full screen through my video card but certain areas like 16:9 are greyed out. I'm wondering if this is because I'm connected with a vga cable. If so, would I get a better result using a dvi-i to hmdi cable? Or is something else the problem? I'd appreciate any insights. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your TV should have the ability to adjust to the correct aspect ratio. Check your remote.
  2. I don't thing it is a VGA problem. Try to change your graphic card's resolution via Control Panel or ATI control panel.
  3. You should be able to go into your Catalyst control centre (right click on desktop) - find something called "Scaling" or "GPU scaling" and make it "fit" your screen.
  4. First of all, thank all of you for your help. I appreciate it.

    When I go into the CCC all of the theater, full screen and clone buttons are greyed out. It simply won't allow me to access that section. Is there a reason for that?
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