I5 2500k & Radeon 6970 temps ridiculously high

I've had this rig for over a year, and this has been a constant headache.

I have a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ and am using Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste.

At idle, my temps never dip below 40 C, and while running Prime 95, they can creep up to 90 C at 4.4 gHz. I've reseated the heatsink about half a dozen times myself, using different paste spread methods every time with no improvement. I even had someone else do it for me at a PC shop at one point, so the seating isn't the problem.

Ambient temps are around 20 C, so that's a non-issue. Core voltage is below 1.2 volts, so it shouldn't effect anything too much either.

My case is a Thermaltake Armor A60 mid-tower and the airflow is good. I've gone so far as to blow the thing out with compressed air. Did remove a bit of dust, but that didn't help at all with the temps.

As a side note, my 6970 runs at about 50 C idle and can creep up to 90 C while running Furmark. Technically within spec of the card, but I've read around and this is at the very high end of things.

I have run out of ideas as for why this thing is so hot all the time. Anybody here have any suggestions?
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  1. You're doing something wrong with the heatsink.

    GPU temps are fine, but CPU temps ARE not.
  2. It should never stay above 65*C during use, prime can push it up to as high as 68-70 but if its going above this you should downclock it or check your heatsink. I dont necessarily know how good that heatsink is for overclocking, i only have mine set to 4.2ghz but it never goes over 66C during prime 95 for over 24 hours. I have the http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103089 cpu cooler at the moment and if i wanted to go higher i would get a better cooler.
  3. Your problem boils down to your overclock of the CPU.

    I have an i7-860 and I can tell you that even with my GTX680 the CPU is rarely a bottleneck even at its stock frequency. When I overclock to 3.6GHz none of my games appear to be bottlenecked.

    The amount of heat produced by the CPU is not proportional to the frequency. An overclock of 25% might produce 50% more heat than stock for example.

    1) Do nothing.
    2) Lower the CPU frequency.
    3) invest in a Corsair H100 water cooler and compatible case.
  4. Ambient temps are around 20 c but how high are temps inside the case,where is fan facing against,is it against graphic card or rear end of the case or.......Did you try to have open case with side panels off?
  5. My i5-2500K @ 4.5Ghz with 1.300 vcore on an H60 with a single fan hangs around 65C give or take, while gaming. Very rarely does it ever hit 70C. Only if Im running Prime and the AC is off and its summer :P

    Do you have the fan blowing the wrong way on the heatsink?
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