VTX3D HD 6770 ATi Radeon

Will 1GB HD 6770 DDR5 (V2) run latest games like BF3 or MW3 on ultra/high settings on my small 1024p monitor,with 40-60 fps?Can you guys recommend me a graphic card for my budget?My budget is 242,40$If you can please answer both questions,and below are my comp specs just in case:

OS:Win7 64-bit

Graphic card: GT 220(it will soon be replaced,I hope ^^)

Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00 GHz 3.00 GHz


Thanks in advance! ;)
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  1. mw3 yes, bf3 no.

    you will be able to play on medium on both tho. No point in getting a better card because your cpu will be holding you back.

    you will have a hard time playing bf3 online with that dual core.
  2. Well,thanks I will upgrade to HD 6770 and I hope I will be able to play many games on high settings with 40-60 fps am I right?Just 1 more question.Will I be able to play Dead Island and World of Tanks on high/ultra with 40-60 FPS :D?
  3. yes, those games should run on high.
  4. With antialiasing on and maxed with 40-60 FPS?By the way,thank you!And sorry if I am annoying with all those FPS questions but I really want to know :)
  5. no, with 2-4x aa. aa is extremely demanding and really don't offer too much quality increase.
  6. Resolution I am playing on is low so I am expecting good out of this card.
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