Hi all, I am looking for a good router/modem specifically for getting the best pings for gaming on the Xbox Live and PC. I currently have a Thomson TG585v8 which came with my ISP when I signed with their broadband. Not sure how good these are for hardcore gaming.

I was recommended a Linksys Cisco WAG320N but after reading reviews on other forums regarding the issues with this modem/router, I was put off by it. And then someone recommended I check Tom's Hardware.

What I am after is:

Consistent OPEN NAT on the modem/router for gaming without having to mess around with port forwarding etc.

I will use be using the wireless for my PC's but will hard wire an ethernet to the Xbox as I read it was better for hardcore gaming.

Not sure if it is better to get separate modem and router or modem/router in one?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Normally you get a modem when you sign up with an isp, but you can get one separately.

    Most new routers will have upnp so you wouldn't have much configuring to do.

    As far as having a router and modem separate, that is a personal preference. Honestly, I would have them separate because it is cheaper to replace one of them than the entire unit.
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