Surge protector

I've got a 600w power supply, will this surge protector work?

I don't know much about surge protectors. Don't need anything fancy.

Thanks for any advice you guys have.
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  1. All surge protectors are pretty useless. They work once, and then they are done. If you need the additional outlets, they are pretty handy :)
  2. Technical Details

    6-outlet surge protector offers surge protection for your entry-level computers, peripherals, kitchen appliances and more
    1045 Joule energy rating provides standard protection for your basic electronic devices

    unless you have a really low end computer, its not going to do much
  3. What you actually would want is a Surge Suppressor. A surge protector trips once the surge has already taken place and it senses it. A surge suppressor will actually take the incoming surge and dissipate it as heat within the casing, and then trip off. If the components burn out that suppress the surge, then that "Protected" led will go out telling you that you need to replace it.

    A surge protector is more for protecting you from electric shock. It's not really designed to save sensitive electronic components.
  4. I've got a medium end machine.

    I5 2400
    XFX Radeon 6850

    Usually use it for gaming and such

    Not sure if it is worth it to get a good surge protector
  5. Thank you for the advice guys.

    I will look into a surge supressor.
  6. I'm no electronics engineer, but the purpose of a surge protector is to prevent power surges from damaging your computer/electronics device.

    His computer being a low end or even a beast of a system shouldn't make a difference, the surge protector should prevent a surge of electricity from reaching it. Thus preventing damage to his system, and therefore doing its job. Replacing it after it "works once" is better than replacing a PSU and or a motherboard/other components.

    Myself I'm using a UPS and an additional S.P. for the other stuff connected. But if a UPS is out of your budget, a surge protector should suffice. Just get one with the highest joule rating you can afford.

    Travishunt91 said:

    Yes it should.

    Travishunt91 said:
    Not sure if it is worth it to get a good surge protector

    Absolutely, I wouldn't recommend not using one. It's asking for trouble, unless your house has some built in.
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