6850 PC won't boot when GPU is inserted

Hello friends. I have a little weird problem. My spec is:
Mob:Biostar 790GX 128M
CPU: Phenom II x3 720
RAM: Kingston HyperX 1066 DDR2 2x 2GB
PSU: Seasonic 500W
GPU: MSI 6850 OC (card bought week ago, clocks decreased a little because of temperatures and no need of that OC. Card wasn't overheated - max temp was about 60 d. C)

So everything was fine, but yesterday suddenly i couldn't boot my PC.Exactly one time everything booted up succesfully to windows (i heard 'welcome' theme in speakers), but with no display so i thought it's a monitor problem. Every next enabling was different than this one. After pushing ON button fans(CPU, GPU and other) start but with no Bios beeps or something. If I unplug R6850 system boots and works fine on integrated VGA. I tried both PCI-E ports and no difference. I read many posts with problems like me but any solution doesn't work for me(battery, CMOS, disconnecting everything etc). One more clue - if R6850 is plugged on and PC is "working on" card is heating in about 3 minutes and then fan is getting on (i suppose) max rates, but nothing else is going. Honestly I am frustrated a little.
Please help me if You can boys ;)
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  1. Do you have another video card to try in this PC or another PC in which to try this card?

    You have a good PSU, but if it is defective I could see this happening.
  2. Well I could test another card in next week maybe. Do You know maybe preciselly what part of PSU can be defective? My friend is an electronic so maybe he could "look in" and repair this... BTW I tested yesterday night PSU with a car amplituner with 200W power in bridge and 350W subwoofer and looks that is working fine and power of PSU is enough.
  3. I am sure your card still under warranty. Best is can exchange or get the warranty where you purchase from. You would not want your warranty void because someone tampered it. Usually is the best thing to get your dealer to check and they might replace a new one for you!
  4. It seems like you might have a defective card then. I personally would still try a different card in the PC, and if at all possible, try this card in a different PC, just to make sure. But make sure you don't miss the RMA window from where you purchased it.

    You could also try contacting the card's manufacturer. Sometimes they are helpful in these situations.
  5. Yes warranty is still on, but I am trying to be sure 100% what part is broken. Also I will test this card in saturday in PC repair center in my city, and then i will know. But one thing yet is worring me. I got with card original adapter 2x molex 3pin --> 6 pin GPU, but as I see one pin in this adapter (i mean end connector - to GPU) is missing so there are only 5. I was using all the time my PSU's 6 pin cable(which really has 6 pins), not MSI's and maybe this could be a reason of crash?
  6. I never really noticed before, but from doing a quick search it looks like the adapters normally are missing a pin. Didn't do enough searching to figure out why, but it looks like it shouldn't matter. You should be fine using your PSU's cable.
  7. OK, we'll wait to Saturday then...
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