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GTS 240 Graphics card heatsink upgrade

hi there, I have the dell GTS 240 GPU (its on amazon if you want to look) and it gets pretty hot like 47'C average on idle and 68'C on game play(MW3, crysis, etc.)

its a great card for the price but the cooling is in plan sight how shitty it was done no copper in it at all :pfff:

i have the EVEA overclocking utility with the fan set on max it does nothing much but 2 degrees 'C less

my mobo wont support a newer GPU (well i can run the GTS 400 i think it called but whatever) and i don't have thousands of dollars right now for a new PC, anyway ive hit crysis on max at like 40 average with my xps 400(current PC) i want to get it for around 50 bucks

(NO WATER COOLING, no room in case)

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  1. Doubt they make aftermarket coolers for such a low end card.
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    Check out the Accelero L2 Plus or the Accelero S1 Plus from Arctic Cooling:

  3. I forgot to mention that your temps are not that bad, at least they are within the normal range. You should also make sure that your case airflow is good and that you have cleaned out all the dust and anything else that may be restricting airflow.
  4. Those temps are quite normal for a GPU you really shouldn't be gunning for anything better than that, would be a total waste of time, money and effort.
  5. but the problem is that air flow is hitting my CPU cooler (i have a newer cpu cooler) in the same way the air flows and causing my CPU to get hot so i need a new direction of airflow/heatsink
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