Eyefinity Issues

So here is the issue I am having, I will try to explain it as much possible. Thanks ahead of time for any help you guys can offer me.

Here is my system stats

Windows 7 – 64bit

Gigabyte MOBO
16GB of RAM
HD 6950 CF

3 24inch Samsung Monitors
1 monitor has a DVI, HDMI, VGA hookup

2 monitors only have HDMI and VGA

So the issue I am having is I can’t get all 3 monitors to work at the same time. I know that you have to have a display port , HDMI and DVI combo hooked up. The HD 6950 mini-display port is connected to a Active Display Port Adapter (mini display to DVI), then I have a HDMI and DVI to HDMI cable to hook up to the others. I have read that the only the Mini Display Port is required to be a “Active” adapter.

So when I try to hook up all three monitors all three go black. All three ports and cables work, as do all monitors as they all work in single hookup applications. I have tried some instructable videos on youtube on how to set it up, but I always end up with the black screens

I also have the most current AMD Catalyst installed, as well as the drivers for my GPU.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. What are the exact models of the Samsung monitors? And the maker and models of your 6950s?

    A series of questions:
    -I realize they are all 24" but are they different resolutions?

    -Are you plugging ALL of your displays into only ONE of the 6950s?

    -Can you have two monitors with different combos of connectors work at the same time? (pay special attention to the mini-DP adapter since sometimes they are faulty and therefore finicky)

    -Have you tried disabling Crossfire and then trying to get them to work?

    -When the monitors go black does your system completely lockup or do you just lose your displays? If you only lose the displays windows should make a "dee-dunk" sound (like you've unplugged something). Try and figure out if the system is fully locking up or just dropping all displays.

    Edit: Another comes to mind: Just checking - What is the exact maker and model of your miniDP -> DVI adapter? Not all miniDP -> DVI adapters are active.
  2. Another thing: I'm not sure if you're doing this but "hotplugging" monitors isn't nice with eyefinity.

    To setup eyefinity properly:

    Upon bootup, with all three monitors connected to one card and turned on, your BIOS splash screen and the initial windows loading screen will appear cloned on two of the monitors. The Windows login screen will come up cloned on two of the monitors as well. Log into Windows, your desktop will appear cloned on the same two monitors. Open CCC, go to the AMD eyefinity multidisplay tab and create an eyefinity group. Your system should see your three monitors and you should be able to assign them to the group.
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