Replace 6950 or get 7950?

Hey guys, so my Sapphire HD 6950 dirt 3 edition card stopped working and I sent it into newegg for an RMA. They just emailed me back saying it is out of stock and offered me an XFX 6950 2gb card as a replacement. They said I can either pick that or get a refund. What I'm trying to decide is 1) accept their replacement and possibly add another 6950 for crossfire OR 2) take the refund and just get a new 7950. Which would be the better option? I have 3 23" monitors in eyefinity for gaming with an Intel Core i5 2500k. What would you do and why? Thanks!
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  1. 7950 would be better because you are already thinking about crossfire.
  2. yeah but 7950 crossfire is way out of my budget anytime soon. 6950 crossfire or 7950 are close enough in price
  3. Crossfire in my opinion is a bad idea with the 1 extra frame of lag added and microstutter. But to each his own. I personally don't like eyefinity so I'd sell the 2 extra monitors and use that cash to buy a gtx 680 when it comes out :P.
  4. Hmmm I would say you should get them to get two 2gb 6950s... when I was running two they ran great. Better than a 7970 in any case, and I havent had any microstuttering.

    And the two 6950s would show their power more than a 7950 in Eyefinity - my three are getting 130-150 fps in BF3 multiplayer over three screens, although I dont game over three often.

    If you can, try to grab a sapphire Toxic as your second card and chuck it in the top, it'll run much cooler, if a little louder.
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