P8Z68-V Pro Startup Repair Loop


Just built a friend a new computer. Here's the specs

P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3

GeForce GTX 560 Ti SuperClocked 1GB GDDR5

i5-3570K Processor, 3.40GHz w/ 6MB Cache

ValueRAM 8GB DDR3-1333MHz CL9 Dual Channel Kit (2 x 4GB)

ATX-400PN 400 Watts ATX12V 2.01 Power Supply w/ 120mm Fan, Noise Killer

The bios screen is scrambled with horizontal 1 inch length lines but the computer boots fine. All 4 POST lights blink red and then it proceeds with the windows boot up. The issue we're having is this:

It boots once, goes through POST, then restarts. On second boot it goes to the windows startup repair.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with the board and to me it seems like a lack of power since we didn't upgrade the power supply.

Any thoughts?
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  1. How the heck did you get a 3570k already?!

    Anyways, it may very well be the PSU. 400W may not necessarily mean 400W. I would change that out, it's the heart of your computer. Don't skimp on it.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply :) We're gonna try a 1000w supply tomorrow and I'll post back to see if that's the issue.

    To answer your comment though on how I got the processor, I would like to say I know people :D but I don't :kaola:

    Seems like it was a mistake by the sales associate. The store I bought it at, memory express here in Edmonton, Alberta, has the processor listed as "Preorder". I went in asking for a 2500k and he said they were sold out. I didn't really think of a back up processor incase that one was sold out. I asked him for something comparable to which he replied "I just got in the new ivy bridge processors" I was like "Alright, how much?". To be honest I didn't really know much about it, let alone that it wasn't supposed to be sold yet. He said it was 40$ more than the processor we wanted so my buddy bought it.

    When I had the problem I immediately went here to post about it, and then when you commented on "How the heck" I immediately drove back to his house to verify that I was talking about the right processor. Sure enough it was, so just seems like the guy at the store didn't know it wasn't to be released yet. :X
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