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How will a 560 (non TI) GPU work on Battlefield 3?

I bought a 560 GPU two days ago as part of my first computer build. I plan to play Battlefield 3 which is why i got the 560. I have a 960T quad core CPU, an ASUS M5A99 motherboard, 8gbs of 1600mhz ram, and an 850 watt PSU. My monitor is pretty small, around 16-17 inches i bet. How many FPS should i expect to get on ultra, high, and medium and which settings would be best to stay on?
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  1. Which resolution is that?

    At 1366x768, 1280x720, 1280x1024 it should run BF3 at Ultra or at least High, at ultra maybe 30+ (maybe 40+ fps)
  2. for 1080p - 30fps.

    for 720p - 40 - 50+ fps
  3. what would happen if he doubled up the 560s? ( kind of want to know for me)
  4. I have 560ti sli and it runs bf3 at 1080p at max with 60+fps
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    honestly though a single 560 @ 1080p is gonna struggle and in bf3 begin that its so competitive you really need all the fps you can get so id probably ok to run it at 720p on high or medium to achieve desired fps
  6. The 560 ti is getting weak (I have two machines running sli of them, used to be the card of my choice), I would not recommend the 560 (no TI) if you run at 1080p, at 1366x768 it will run perfectly fine.

    jjb8675309 said:
    I have 560ti sli and it runs bf3 at 1080p at max with 60+fps

    Do you run with AA at 4x?
  7. ^ 8xMSAA in drivers, gxt 560ti SLi is far from getting weak in my opinion, huh?
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