New computer oddly turned off and won't turn back on

Hi guys,

This is my first computer I've ever built so I am a bit confused and in need of the community's expertise/advise.

The problem:
After installing the computer only yesterday, I was able to play Counter Strike for about 4 happy hours and decided to call it a day. :pt1cable:
This morning I turned the computer back on and got on CS when the computer randomly powered off by itself & wouldn't turn back on.
I searched the forums for any similar problems and followed a suggestion somewhere that removing a RAM stick would work and voila, it did the trick. The system powered back on. I shrugged the whole thing off and decided that maybe that the RAM stick was defective(?)

However, when I started CS again, the system shut off ONCE AGAIN and wouldn't turn back on..! :(

What is the meaning of all this? It the problem the RAM sticks or maybe the PSU? Overheating of the CPU? The computer will not turn back on..

My computer specs are:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition


GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming 80Plus Bronze

RAM: G.SKILL Value Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3

HD: 500GB WD Caviar Green

I am sure the that the RAM sticks were installed properly since I made sure they clicked on both sides.
Is it possible for a defective RAM stick to properly work and suddenly stop working?

When the PSU is powered on, the MOBO's LED light is on.
Can a defective PSU still power on the MOBO's LED light? Or the other way around.. can a defective MOBO's LED light be lit on?

I apologize if this turns out to be a something stupid I did.. Like I said, it is my first time :x

Thank you in advance!
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  1. since you got a modular psu i would check if all the cable are well connected ot it and the motherboard and no one is loose
  2. scout_03 said:
    since you got a modular psu i would check if all the cable are well connected ot it and the motherboard and no one is loose

    I doubled checked and everything is well connected.. If it wasn't well connected why would the system turn back on when I removed one of my RAM sticks? I simply don't understand :??: ..
  3. did you put a stick in a 2 and b 2 as mark in the motherboard user manual ,you could also try mem ok
  4. Yup, when my computer was running for 4 hours + yesterday they were on A2 and B2. When it first turned off, I removed B2 stick and the computer turned on. Double clicked on CS and the computer shut off once again (and will not turn back on). I also tried installing both sticks on A1 and B1 as well as one single stick on A1. Nothing..
    Mem ok won't do anything.. no LED blinking or anything
  5. does cs is for counter strike game,i would do a memtest of both memory sticks one at the time in the a 2 slot and if they both pass then put them as specified in the manual
  6. Thanks for your help so far, scout - I really appreciate it.
    How do I run a memtest if the computer won't turn on? O_o
  7. did you put one stick in a 2 and try to boot
  8. scout_03 said:
    did you put one stick in a 2 and try to boot

    Yes.. it will not boot
  9. try the cmos reset
  10. What will that do? / How do you do that?
  11. Before trying the CMOS Rest I followed advise from this post:

    "You can turn on the PC by momentarily shorting the two pins that the case power switch goes to. You should hear a series of long, single beeps indicating memory problems. Silence indicates a problem with (in most likely order) the PSU, motherboard, or CPU. Remember, at this time, you do not have a graphics card installed so the load on your PSU will be reduced."

    I hear continuous beeps from the MOBO indicating a problem with the memory per the post above. I tried single memory stick and they both have beeps.

    I am going to go out to buy some new RAM's sticks and try again tomorrow and update :)
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