Will my power supply be enough for new card?!?!?!

Just got my shipment of a MSI R6870 twin frozr II, power requirements are showing 500watt psu RECOMMENDED but i checked out some benchmark tests on this card and basically im just wondering can i use a 400watt psu to power this card? i have a new 1000w in transit via newegg but will my 400w psu run this card without and possible issues? By the way im getting a 1000w because i am getting a 2nd card for crossfireX
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  1. depends on the power supply.

    also don't buy a 1000w psu, you are either wasting money or not getting quality. Get a good quality 650w psu like the corsair tx650 for crossfire 6870s.

    The 6870 will work on a good 300w psu, all depends on how many amps the psu's +12V can pull.
  2. Will your PC boot up and perform basic tasks? Yes. Will your PC shut down when you start up Skyrim? Yes. Is it risky to use a PSU that is below the recommended rating. Indeed it is. Could it possibly blow the PSU/Mobo/GPU? Worst case.
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