New Asus 6770, No Dsplay, Any Ideas?

Hello everyone.
i have a problem which i hope you guys are able to help me with, i did search he forums but dint find anything that could really help, so here i am

recently built a new P.C a few weeks ago, and i was using a Nvidia 7300 LE that i had lying around as a temporary card or a few week until i could get a new one, and that card worked absolutely perfectly, now the other day i got a Asus 6770

Asus 6770

i correctly seated the card and plugged in the pci-e cable, i then correctly plugged it into the monitor, using the vga socket and the cable was correctly in, after that i tried it using a hdmi cable, on both of them i got no display at all, and the monitor just went straight into sleep mode, strangely though the cards fans power up and emit noise. any one have any ideas? a few post from people have led me to it could be my psu as it is cheap and not from a particularly good brand,

here are my specs

CPU: Intel i3 2120

Motherboard : Gigabyte P61-USB3-B3

PSU: Coolermaster eXtreme 500w

RAM: Crucial 2gb ddr3 (X2)

HDD: Samsung 320gb 7200RPM

Thanks in advance

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  1. While I'm no fan of coolermaster, if the PSU is is healthy it should be enough for your 6770.

    I suppose the best way to isolate whether its the card or the PSU would be to try the card in another computer.

    Is it that you can't even get the card to display a BIOS screen? Or will it just not load windows? If its the latter then you probably didn't remove the nvidia driver. Boot into safe mode and remove it, then reboot and install the latest from AMD.

    And you made sure to set the monitor itself to the appropriate input (eg VGA, DVI or HDMI)?
  2. did you uninstall the nvidia driver before the install of the hd 6770 this is a ati card
  3. hi thanks for your replys,
    i cannot get a display at all , i just get a black screen, i also forgot to mention when using the 6770 i get a different beep when i power on, instead of the normal 1 beep, i get what seems like 2 really quick ones, not sure if that means anything, also i did not try un-installing the nvidia drivers, i'll try that in the morning as its late now and i'll report back, thanks for your help
  4. cmos setting error
  5. how would i resolve this?
  6. Test the card in another system. I'm not going to go chasing BIOS beep codes but since the thing works fine without the card plugged in but beeps and doesn't display with the card plugged in then I would suspect its telling you "Video error". That could be the card itself or the PSU not getting the card enough power. Like I said, see if you can test the card in another system to rule out a PSU problem.
  7. okay thanks a lot for your reply, i'll try and sort out testing it in another machine tomorrow and i'll report back

    thanks very much
  8. zrobbb said:
    okay thanks a lot for your reply, i'll try and sort out testing it in another machine tomorrow and i'll report back

    thanks very much

    You're welcome, make sure the other machine has an adequate power supply for that card and be mindful of static.

    Edit: And for goodness sake make sure you unplug the machines from the wall before working inside them.
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