Are Desktops PCs Dead?

Hi all -

Just wanted to see what everyone thinks about this topic. I realize this is clearly a personal opinion, and there is no exact answer that fits everyone, but are desktops dying out?

I'm thinking about building a gaming PC. I want to build it for the fun of building, and to be able to randomly play upcoming games. However, outside of that, I don't think I do enough to take advantage of the raw power of a home built gaming PC. In addition, I'm a working adult who won't be spending countless hours gaming away, though I'll certainly use it when the opportunity is there. But wouldn't I be better off getting a portable laptop (13" or less) that can game at moderate settings, since laptops seem to be more and more powerful every day?

What are your thoughts on the future of Desktop PCs?
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  1. A laptop that is good enough to game on is quite expensive. If you settle for a cheaper one with lesser graphics, it becomes obsolete sooner, and there is very little upgrading to be done on them. Yes laptops are more powerful everyday, but game system requirements constantly go up too. Most laptops have plenty of processing power, but lag behind in quality graphics. Also..who wants to game on a 13 in screen..but thats just my opinion
  2. There is plenty of reasons desktops aren't obsolete. S little common sense will help you figure it out.
  3. Laptops are convenient in that you can have them almost wherever you want. But it depends on you. But remember with a desktop for the same price you get more performance, something that can be easily maintained and upgraded. Along with that you desktops are more durable as you aren't likely to be picking it up and dropping it somewhere. The last thing to think of is laptops usually have a lifespan of around 2 years and you would be buying a new system every two years to keep playing games (Think $800+ every two years).
  4. laptops well, SUCK at gaming!

    netbooks are cheap for on the go when the needed applications, like office, do not require high end hardware.
  5. I have a mid-class gaming pc (as of today's standard), and same as you, i find myself gaming less and less nowadays due to work etc (and if i have downtime, i spend it away browsing). And yet i still dreaming of upgrading it for better performance (in fact, just did yesterday, a 24" monitor....yay!! :D)
    My opinion, until this cloud trend has become very mainstream, desktop pc will never be obsolete.
    Desktop vs laptop for gaming? Desktop all the way.... for serious gaming you have to spend higher amount for money, and even then the spec will be blown away with what you can get for desktop. I would only choose game on laptop if i'm highly mobile and don't have enough space for desktop.
  6. Cloud is already mainstream. Windows 8 man, I tested the consumer preview, and they actually let you create your machine's account using your email address. I think they were gonna bundle cloud technology into it so that pics, docs, etc can all be saved in the cloud. However, I think if you want/need raw horsepower tablets and laptops are not powerful enough. Desktop for raw speed is still champ.
  7. Jowiso said:
    Are desktops dying out?


    It will never :non:
  8. Anyone who really appreciates a performance computing experience is going to want a desktop.
  9. i would suggest to you considering a micro atx build. smaller and much more portable than most building rigs you see today. plus these days they have made micro atx mobo's that are exactly the same as full atx mobo's!! so you can get a micro atx build that is much smaller and more portable but still just as good performance wise as a full size build! for example check out this case..
    its only 16" x 16" and it has a carrying handle.
    also look at this mobo. it is one of the finest quality mobo's you can buy! since it is micro atx it is very small and fits in your micro atx case. oh and micro atx are equally as good as full atx mobo's.
    i hope you found my reply to help you since i think what you are looking for is something just as good for gaming as a full size build but in a smaller form. thats exactly what i am talking about. another thing. this micro atx case can hold up to 2 350mm gpu's! that means that you can fit not only 1 but 2 graphics card you like in this case and achieving dual sli/crossfire. ;)
  10. Desktop PCs will die out the day everyone becomes happy buying a prebuilt machine from Dell or a Steve Jobs Tablet. Which is to say, never.
  11. As long as we are here, PC's will never die! Lol.
  12. I thought they were...

    Until I saw BF3 on ultra, hooked up to my 42" LED TV

    It's like having a next gen console, right now
  13. About mid-May the new AMD Trinity chips for laptops will start hitting the shelves, if we are to believe them. That APU will make a very capable gaming laptop. And it can be paired with a 2nd GPU for dual graphics. I'd wait for awhile.
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