7970 or 7950

The 7950 is 529 and the cheapest 7970 is 7970 is 649 all from www.centercom.com (im in australia) there both the single fan models
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  1. the 7950 will be good.

    If you get a good model, you can OC it higher than the 7970 easily.
  2. well i can get the sapphire radeon 7950 with dual fans and its over clocked but its 579
  3. Get the dual fan option and over clock it more, it can beat a stock 7970 :)
  4. yes get the 7950 sapphire OC, its one of the best cards out right now. You should be able to OC future to beat the 7970 easily with it.
  5. Hm.... will the his 7970 run hot if i overclock i see the diffrince between the 7970 and 7950 is about 10-20fps
  6. My MSI 7970 does not run hot if overclocked (mine is a reference design- 1 fan rear exhaust) I'm at 1090 stock voltage (but 75% fan speed - i've always used ear phones so the noise doesn't bother me and get avg 50-55 degrees - so its up to you once again whether noise is a problem - but heat definitely isn't if you raise fan speed).

    If your into overclocking then,
    1. 7950 OC can match/beat 7970 stock.
    2. But if you are willing to OC 7950, then your also going to OC a 7970 (right?). Which means,
    3. 7970 OC beats 7950 OC easily
    (unless i'm wrong and the 7950 can OC to 7970 levels, then please inform me). Many ppl seem to hit 1125hz+ easily without voltage increase ).

    Depending on a number of factors:
    - Your rig (CPU/etc)
    - Games you play
    - Resolution
    - How willing/pissy you are on dishing out extra money for 7970 based on,
    ===>Most importantly (in MY opinion, when it comes down to buying graphics cards) ==> what average fps "YOU" want, will determine what card you should get.

    Thats my 5 cents.
  7. Well id like to have around 50fps+
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