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Can not get full screen on 1920x1080 monitor in BIOS or Windows

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February 22, 2012 10:31:06 PM

Antec 300 case(Front: 2x120mm Antec tricool Fan @ Low. Rear: Scythe GT(1200 RPM). Top: 140mm Antec tricool Fan @ low)
Thermaltake W0131 850W PSU
Asus P5G41-M LE
Core 2 Duo E6300 SL9TA OC'ed to 2.2GHZ
Corsair 4 gig(2x2) DDR2 800 mhz
500GB SATA Hard Drive
250GB PATA Hard Drive
160GB PATA Hard Drive
Vista 64 SP2
Samsung 23 inch E2320X 1920x1080 monitor
Gigabyte GT 440 1GB DDR3 (GV-N440D3-1GI)

Ok here goes guys,

I was previously running the Samsung 1920x1080 monitor with onboard intel video thru the DVI. The screen fills the entire screen perfectly. Decided I wanted a little better video card so I bought the GT 440. Plugged it in and connected the monitor via DVI. And it won't fill up the screen. I tried hitting the reset button it doesn't do anything other than reset the brightness, etc. I look at the information screen in the samsung monitor and it says it's running in Digital, 67.5kHz 60Hz PP, 1920x1080.

What the heck is wrong? how do I fix this? Why does intel onboard do things correctly and my new nvidia card doesn't. Please help me fix this problem.

I havn't installed nvdia drivers yet, would installing nvidia drivers be able to rectify this problem? I would be willing to compromise as long as I'm able to get the screen filled in at least Windows Vista.

Things I've tried:

I've connected it to a 1680x1050 monitor.
Result: It fills the entire screen in BIOS.

I've connected my gaming machine(P45 board, Radeon 4870) to the E2320x monitor.
Result: Same problem except it fills the monitor a little more than the nvidia but again not completely. What the hell! :( 

I've powered off the monitor and switched off the surge protector, while clearing CMOS.
Result: No change

I've switched DVI cables.
Result: No change

I cleared CMOS, pulled the card out and used the onboard video thru DVI again.
Result: Screen is a square, information menu says it's running at 640x480. I go to select the reset function in the menu and it resets it to 1920x1080 and fills the entire screen

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February 22, 2012 10:33:42 PM

Install the drivers.

Best solution

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February 22, 2012 10:55:26 PM

Hardware needs software to tell it what to do.
Software needs drivers to tell it how to properly use the hardware.
Install the drivers.
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February 23, 2012 1:28:31 AM

Thanks jaguarskx and larkspur. That did it for me. I was thinking about doing that but what put me off was how intel onboard video was able to fill the screen in bios. Wish I had done that right away, after clearing cmos I think I had some settings wrong or something so vista wasn't happy and couldn't detect the video card, and there was some weird resources conflicts. But I managed to fix all that and all is well! I just feel disappointed with myself for wasting all this time when I could have just installed the drivers in the first and learn I guess lol!

Thanks again! :) 
February 23, 2012 1:28:41 AM

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February 23, 2012 1:47:00 AM

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