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Can not get full screen on 1920x1080 monitor in BIOS or Windows

Antec 300 case(Front: 2x120mm Antec tricool Fan @ Low. Rear: Scythe GT(1200 RPM). Top: 140mm Antec tricool Fan @ low)
Thermaltake W0131 850W PSU
Asus P5G41-M LE
Core 2 Duo E6300 SL9TA OC'ed to 2.2GHZ
Corsair 4 gig(2x2) DDR2 800 mhz
500GB SATA Hard Drive
250GB PATA Hard Drive
160GB PATA Hard Drive
Vista 64 SP2
Samsung 23 inch E2320X 1920x1080 monitor
Gigabyte GT 440 1GB DDR3 (GV-N440D3-1GI)

Ok here goes guys,

I was previously running the Samsung 1920x1080 monitor with onboard intel video thru the DVI. The screen fills the entire screen perfectly. Decided I wanted a little better video card so I bought the GT 440. Plugged it in and connected the monitor via DVI. And it won't fill up the screen. I tried hitting the reset button it doesn't do anything other than reset the brightness, etc. I look at the information screen in the samsung monitor and it says it's running in Digital, 67.5kHz 60Hz PP, 1920x1080.

What the heck is wrong? how do I fix this? Why does intel onboard do things correctly and my new nvidia card doesn't. Please help me fix this problem.

I havn't installed nvdia drivers yet, would installing nvidia drivers be able to rectify this problem? I would be willing to compromise as long as I'm able to get the screen filled in at least Windows Vista.

Things I've tried:

I've connected it to a 1680x1050 monitor.
Result: It fills the entire screen in BIOS.

I've connected my gaming machine(P45 board, Radeon 4870) to the E2320x monitor.
Result: Same problem except it fills the monitor a little more than the nvidia but again not completely. What the hell! :(

I've powered off the monitor and switched off the surge protector, while clearing CMOS.
Result: No change

I've switched DVI cables.
Result: No change

I cleared CMOS, pulled the card out and used the onboard video thru DVI again.
Result: Screen is a square, information menu says it's running at 640x480. I go to select the reset function in the menu and it resets it to 1920x1080 and fills the entire screen
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  1. Install the drivers.
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    Hardware needs software to tell it what to do.
    Software needs drivers to tell it how to properly use the hardware.
    Install the drivers.
  3. Thanks jaguarskx and larkspur. That did it for me. I was thinking about doing that but what put me off was how intel onboard video was able to fill the screen in bios. Wish I had done that right away, after clearing cmos I think I had some settings wrong or something so vista wasn't happy and couldn't detect the video card, and there was some weird resources conflicts. But I managed to fix all that and all is well! I just feel disappointed with myself for wasting all this time when I could have just installed the drivers in the first and learn I guess lol!

    Thanks again! :)
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