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Hey guys. I have some quick questions. Some background, a couple months ago, my mother board on my hp m7640n was fried and the pic expres slot stopped responding- prob he to a black spot. Anyways, my friend has a spare computer with all of the parts stripped cept for the case mono and processor. So I was wondering: could I switch parts from my hp to my friends computer ? I want to reuse my hard drive which has xp media center installed in it. Do I have to reformat the hard drive in order to reuse it ?
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  1. yes since this was on a hp board you will need a xp media cd
  2. Parts should be able to swap over as long as they fit in the slots and the power supply has enough cables to match the components you are putting in. The HDD with WinXP, probably won't work without a re-install of windows. I've had some that worked, and some that didn't. Only way to find out is to try, but don't get your hopes up.
  3. you can try at first boot up hit f8 and remove the older mb drivers. if windows xp set the new mb up right you wont have to reimage the drive.
  4. Ok, just took a better look at the computer. It has Nothing on the mother board except for the processor. There is a 400w psu and the mobo is a Asus pk5c. There is a copy of Windows xp professional on it, might switch to Win 7.

    P.S. Do I need to reformat my Harddrive before or after I put it into the new computer. Also, do i need to buy a sound card or does the PK5C have an integrated one? Is there a sound card on my HP?

    Found out the MOBO has integrated sound
  5. Either works. There should be onboard sound on your mobo.
  6. Cant test it out since it doesnt have integrated graphics. What type of graphics card should I get. I'm going to see if it works by going to my friend's house tomorrow and plug in his gtx 450
  7. The PSU is 400 Watts and I'm looking for one that is around 60 dollars and can play Diablo 3 on medium graphics
  8. the nvidia 520 is a 50w card that should get you online. you have too look at the wattage of the new 7000 cards to find one that 50-100w with that small ps.
  9. one your old mobo A8M2N-LA (NodusM3) amd cpu and the P5kC is Intel LGA775s so your old cpu wont work with this board,the latest support 2 sticks of ddr3 or 4 sticks of ddr2 you will have to check that link to both board specs hp then asus
  10. I don't need a new CPU because my friend left it intact. All I needed was a graphics card but I wanted to replace the hardisk because mine has about 100 more gbs. Right after I turn it on , the computer beeps once stops and three times. So I'm assuming I need to replace the ram and get a graphics card
  11. beeep code refer to graphic card system did not see one page 3-1 bios code user manual ,what is the ram you already have in hand
  12. Kingston DDR 3. Two sticks of one gb each. Its been in my drawer, so Im going to switch it with my other ram on my old computer which is also 2 gba. My friend is letting me borrow his gt 9500 tomorrow
  13. make shure that you put them in the ddr3 slot or computer wont boot and remove the drr 2 if they are on the board
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