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Today I put together my computer for the first time, and at after a few tries everything went great, the uefi bios started up and all the components were running. However, after that I had to do the cable management so I ended up removing my gpu at some point and when I was finally done I put it back in and it wouldn't start up. The fans weren't moving and nothing was showing up on the monitor. I tried taking out the wires and putting them back in but it didn't help.
I did what the manual said and I kept "grounding" myself by touching the metal of the case while handling the graphics card, and I kept my hands clean.
I could always just rma it if it is defective, but before going through the trouble I decided I should check if there was anything I could do before resorting to that. Thanks in advance if anyone decides to help.
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  1. Are you absolutely sure that the card is properly lugged in (with the right PCI Express power connectors)? If it is, try unplugging all the other components and just run the GPU and see if it startsup.
  2. I'm pretty sure, unless there is a certain order for the two pci-e wires. I unplugged all the other components and the gpu would still not start up. I could however feel it heating up, but still nothing would show up on the monitor.
  3. Make sure you actually plugged in the pcie power connectors and not the cpu power connectors, they are not interchangeable.

    try it without the card in there see if it boots

    does everything else boot up, proc fan spin, etc if not check and see if you goofed up the wiring of the front panel connectors (I do it all the time with pcs im working on -.-)
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