Mid-tower to fit a HD 7970

Was planning on using Antec One for the case but realised I need 10,9" VGA space and Antec only has 10,5".

Can anyone suggest me a nice and durable mid-tower case that fits HD 7970? Only requirement I have is that the PSU is bottom-mounted.
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  1. Why dont you just get a full tower and save yourself alot of trouble?
  2. insist of buying full tower i suggest go and buy corsair carbide series cabinet i suggest
    go with corsair 400 r case or if u spent more bucks get 500 r
  3. i have corsair 400r with zotac gtx 570 synergy edition almost same 10.9 inches in my case still i have 2 inches more so that even though 6990 easily fit
  4. Thanks, I am considering both 300R, 400R and 500R and also 690 II Advanced.

    DarkOutlaw: It's mostly just preference and also that the nice full-towers cost a bit more then I want to pay. I could get 300R for 73€.
  5. yes but if i were u i wouldn't hesitate to buy 400 r with good price and performance
    it have 4 water cooler holes
    8 expansion slot
    fully cable management
    2 front + 1 rear fan for cooling
    and corsair quotes upgrade how u want when u want
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