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Hello,I have always managed to run my HP LJ4100 by connecting it directly to my laptop or PC by ethernet cable. I just recently replace my jetdirect card and now I cannot get the printer to work without going thru the router (which is not located nearby. It is obviously just settings but just cannot remember what I have done differently this time. Any ideas??
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  1. did you assign it a static IP?
  2. Emerald is right.

    I think that you have to assign a static ip address to the printer and then add that printer to the computer. That way, you should be able to print to it from anywhere that has a network connection.
  3. Easiest way to correct this is connect it to your router (since you have connectivity when it's going through the router) and look in the manual to find how you print out a sheet with the printer specs. This sheet will have the current IP address on it. YOu can enter that IP address into your web browser to access the printer GUI. At that point you can reassign the IP address to a network that's on the same subnet as your computers (that way you won't need the router in the middle for connectivity).

    Hope this helps!
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