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I have a dell inspiron 530. Last night it promptly failed on me after giving a BSOD. unfortunately i did not capture the details given by the bsod. On attempting to restart the box after a few minutes it did not boot. It powered up, the light turned amber and then it promptly powered down. Then it again powers up, light turns amber but not blue and then again powered down. It is stuck in this endless loop. I am linking to two videos i captured showing exactly how it is behaving -

Front view -
Side view -

Solutions i've tried-
Changing to a different power socket.
Reseating all the cables connected to the motherboard.
Disconnecting components one by one to see if it is caused by any one of them. (however i did not disconnect the fan cooling the processor and one brown cable seated directly below the psu as it was too tight and i feared breaking the clips)
Reseating the memory modules.

After all of this i've come to the conclusion that either the processor or the motherboard or the psu has malfuncioned (in order of decreasing likeliness)

Exact config-
intel core 2 duo e6550 @2.33 Ghz
5 gb ddr2 ram
250 gb seagate hdd
dell's own board 0RY007
A tv tuner
Dvd r/w drive
Dvd -r and cd r/w drive

Just some past info - The power button had failed once getting the pc into a endless boot-shutdown cycle. Dell replaced it. However a few months ago the power button failed again but causing a different error. I could not get it replaced this time round as the pc is no longer under warranty. But i could bypass this by setting the bios to boot up on ac power. So in order to boot up the pc i had to just switch on the plug and no longer had to push the power button.

I tried disconnecting the power button from the mobo but to no avail.

What do you think the problem might be? Dead processor? Dead mobo?
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  1. This is a great ref, you need to read it sort of sideways since you are not a new build:

    I didn't look at the video, but in the past dell has used indicator light colors to give you a code on the failing part. Check the troubleshoot section of your manual.

    Standard debugging is to pull parts out and leave them out until the PC posts. Disconnect disk drive (power and signal cables), pull all PCI cards, remove network and anything USB. Now try booting-- does it post? If yes then add back parts until it stop working then assume the last part was the problem and replace.

    No, then pull memory and anything else you can think of. Does it post now? no, then you are left with only the power supply, MB and CPU. Everything else is off the MB. If no post them replace the power supply with a quality PSU. If that doesn't fix then replace the MB.

    Good luck.
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