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The battle of my $20 upgrade... 4550 vs 5450

Hey first post so here it goes,

Planning on doing a $700 build this summer so this is just to get me by... Looking firmly around $20.

This is what i'm working with.

HP-Pavilion s3220n
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+
2.00 GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 1.0
160 watt PSU (from label inside)
Vista Ultimate 32

Looking at these two cards.

ASUS HD 5450 512MB 32-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP $18 after rebate

XFX HD 4550 1GB 64-bit DDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP $25 after rebate

Problem #1. PSU is 160 watts! I know the 220 versions of this slimline don't have problems with these cards but I am willing to gamble here. The online manual says I can use a 25Watt or less GPU. If anything I pulled the PCI tv tunner (never really used) so that may save me 5 watts... maybe.

Manual, go to page 20

Power draw links.,2549-12.html

Problem #2. Go with better fps on the 4550 or go with better Playback (Bit streaming Encoded Dolby True HD) on the 5450?

Sound's like good stuff to me.,2549-4.html
Overall its not that much increase in fps.,2549-11.html
*I must point out that the 4550 tested in this review is of the ddr3 variety not the ddr2 one Im looking at.

My main reason for this upgrade is so I can get 1920 x1080 resolution on a spare 42" plasma for movies. Currently VGA is my only option and there are no resolutions that "work". Any gaming improvements will be greatly appreciated but the dual monitor setup is my main goal.

Really leaning at the Radeon HD 5450.

Thanks guys!
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  1. Sry just found the link for the format...

    Wont happen again.
  2. Best answer
    This Gigabyte 6450 should be better than the 5450 but not sure on the 4550

    Not only does it have twice the stream processors but also a higher memory bus.
  3. Ooo ty! I'm feeling that 6450 right at 20 bucks. Gonna pull the trigger sometime tomorrow.
  4. I think the 6450 is the best I'm going to do.

    I'm really happy polishboy posted the link. Must have missed that one. I just can't imagine a better card in the low profile, HDMI, low wattage, and ahhh 20 dollar range.

    Thanks guys!
  5. 6450 is running great. No problems so far. Hd playback and gaming is sooo much better. Its like a whole new world.
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